HostingForexSA Expands Network

HostingForexSA is a leading master distributor in Forex solutions. HostingForexSA has an expanded our network infrastructure and gains immediate access to a broad range of leading edge technical expertise. HostingForexSA is now positioned to leverage some of the industry’s most competitive products and programs for data center updates and improvements. Our clients depend on our expertise to help them engineer their centers with an eye toward expansion while operating within constant fiscal constraints. The requirement for doing more with less, efficiency optimization and reduced total cost of ownership, have become key business and change drivers.
We are providing clients with fastest and most reliable solution for trading. In combination with our latest Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization technology and fast/optimized network, clients will benefit of having their trading terminals working to the full potential. Recent network expansion will give us ability to expand our client base all all over the world. By having Network presence in several countries client have options to be on as close to their trading platform as possible, thus giving them optimized trading experience.