Benefits of Using MT5

  1. Flexibility – MT5 has two position accounting types: market depth and orders and deals. The different order types and execution modes offered by MT5 enable you to exercise a great deal of flexibility. You can make use of any trading strategy to successfully trade the financial markets.
  2. Analysis – Both technical and fundamental analysis can be carried out on MT5. Technical allows you to examine currency and stock quotes from all possible angles. While the fundamental analysis enables you to better understand the impact on the currencies caused by different economic and industrial indicators.
  3. Copy Trading and Trading Signals – Allows you to “copy” all the trades executed by a successful trader in your trading account. You can choose from a large number of free as well as paid signals.
  4. Mobile Trading – Offer iOS and Android apps that allow you to trade from any place.
  5. Algorithm Trade – MT5 allows you to makes use of trading robots . These special applications analyze quotes and place trades on the basis of an underlying algorithm. You can purchase or rent thousands of trading robots as well as technical indicators
  6. Virtual Hosting – Excellent function to keep your account active even if your computer is turned off.