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We Are HostingForex S.A.


We specialise in providing Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers designed for Forex Trading.

Forex Virtual Private Server is a remote computer accessible from any location in the world. By running your MT4 Expert Advisors or cAlgo robots on our Virtual Private Server you can completely automate your trading, without even needing to keep your trading terminal running. By using your trading algorithms in conjunction with our VPS service you benefit from reduced latency and no down time, allowing your algorithms to trade uninterrupted.

You can use our Forex VPS for 24/7 trading, our uptime is perfect for your trading software. Most customers use MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) or cTrader for Forex on their VPS Server. With remote desktop you can access your VPS and start trading. Forex traders prefer 24/7 uptime for automatic trading. There is no downtime so you will make the most profit. All servers run with Windows operating systems which are familiar to most forex brokers.